the baKblade - body shaver
The easiest do-it-yourself back shaver!


3x bigger
and faster than
a normal shaver

never again

never again ask
for help - the baKblade
is 100% do-it-yourself


the safety blades are
designed to minimize
the risk of cutting

45 cm long handle. Ergonomic design.

The curved, lightweight ergonomic handle is 45 cm long.

It is perfect for accessing hard-to-reach areas and for flexibility.

Patented 10 cm wide shaver blades. With skin protection.

The brilliance behind baKblade is its 10 cm wide shaver blades. The dryGlideTM technology minimizes the risk of cutting and enables a close shave, both wet or dry.

​The blades come in a set of 3.

The blades are easily replaced.

You can exchange the blades fast and easy. The blades come in packs of 3 and are individually packaged in baKblade sleeves.

wet or dry

The baKblade allows
you to shave your back
wet or dry


With or without foam -
both feels actually quite
pleasant and enjoyable

one handed?

you can use the
baKblade with one hand
- no help needed